A Designer

A stay that leaves an imprint on your soul

After being certified in Pranic healing, a healing system of balancing energies, Neitu was driven to offer a haven for guests to experience peace and tranquility amongst the busy and bustling city of Jaipur. With that vision, Villa243 was born, where each space is luxurious and thoughtfully designed to evoke a sense of calm and comfort, providing a sanctuary for people to recharge and rejuvenate.

Where each return feels like coming home

By incorporating the wisdom of Vastu, which focuses the alignment of spaces with natural forces and energies, Villa243 is carefully designed to optimize the flow of positive energy. Each of our twelve rooms are based on the twelve zodiac signs, which are adorned with the best handicrafts that India has to offer.

A destination that lingers in your heart

Jaipur, the Pink City, offers majestic palaces, bustling bazaars, and rich hues of tradition, all waiting to be explored. Beyond the city, Rajasthan is gifted with serene lakes in Udaipur, golden sands of Jaiselmer and tranquility of Ranthambore National Park. Make all these royal destinations part of your itinerary by contacting our concierge.

Creating memories that call you back

A stay at the Villa243 is all about rejuvenating one’s mind, body and soul. Awaken to the gentle embrace of the sun as you partake in the Yoga sessions on the serene backdrop of our rooftop. Surrender to the healing touches of the massage therapists as you embark on a journey of relaxation with the spa treatments Villa243 can arrange for you. Immerse yourself in the calming water of our plunge pool before you savour the tastes of Jaipur with our culinary delights.

Taste flavour at its finest, crafted with care

Our chefs artfully blend local ingredients with global influence to create a menu that offers a delightful fusion of tastes. From generation old Rajasthani recipes to international dishes, embark this gastronomic journey that celebrates rich flavours of Jaipur.

Discover every detail

A 2 minute journey through our serene gardens to the breathtaking rooftop, discover every corner of Villa243

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Villa Shop

Gemstone jewellery

Experience Jaipur’s rich gem cutting heritage reflected in our selection of handmade jewellery

Block printed clothes

Wrap yourself in clothes made with generations old techniques which capture Jaipur’s vibrant culture

Handmade Bags

Carry a piece of Jaipur wherever you go with our artisanal bags with a unique charm

Avyurvedic Products

Sourced from the city’s surroundings and ancient knowledge, feel holistic wellness of India